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Dearest reader, 

Winter has slowed us down a lot more than expected, which leads to why this has come in a little late. Two weeks in and we’ve gutted three walls. This time, we’ve actually had a schedule before we arrived. As such, there’s something about making a drastic plan happen without any hesitation. You take a look at each other, say “let’s go” and just hammer right through. 

Do we usually share the plans we have before the work is completed? I can’t remember anymore. The kitchen isn’t as flexible as the rest of the rooms. Which also means that we are required to work within the boundaries a lot more than we are used to. At that, nobody knows what these walls are made of. So it’s one thing to say “let’s knock it down and rebuild” and “let’s see what happens when we knock it down before we decide on how to rebuild.” 

To note, this is the room beside our toddler’s bedroom so any wall knocked through needs to be covered up within the day. And because we live in an old house, any wrong move could mean compromising the structural integrity. 

Alas, here we are. Bare bones and ready for the next step. 


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