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isle of dreams

Dear reader, 


We bought a house. In japan. It’s crazy to fathom that sometimes we forget it’s actually real. Or I do, I’m not sure about Sean. It’s been a long time coming for him, so I think the actuality of it all sunk in a lot quicker. Either way, it is real and it is happening. We have a broad idea of what we want this space to become, though everything and anything is subject to change. What we decided early on though, was how we wanted the space to feel. How it’ll make us feel, how it can make you feel. What it can be for people, what it can be to people. 


There’s a lot to be done to get there and that’s what this entire thing is about. Documenting as much as we can. We are wary, nervous, scared, though mostly excited. So much in life is about getting things done quickly and efficiently and in order to challenge this notion, we aren’t setting any deadlines. Any unnecessary deadlines because well, we still want to be able to eat, bathe and sleep in a clean space. We do have a child. 


This is an ordinary project, set out by ordinary folk. Nothing we do here is special, but it will be an experience. Join us if you’d like. In any form that may be. 



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