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Dear curious reader, 

It’s been quiet. If you must know, we have been here for over a month. You’d like to think that there’d be updates. More visual updates. Truth is, and this is coming from a place where I am actively trying to change my belief system, there have been changes. Bits and pieces, here and there. But it’s nothing as dramatic as a room makeover. And with that, I question if I should be updating anything at all, and if so, what should I be updating about if there’s nothing much of note? 

Doing the work that I used to do, i have been programmed (I wanna say no pun intended, but hey - a pun is a pun, intentional or not) to believe that every single output, needs to be life altering almost. Working in reality tv does that to you. Your attention span is short, you chase for dramatic turn of events, you anticipate big reveals. And if it’s not deemed different enough, it’s not worth showing at all. 

I began writing for isle of dreams as a way of therapy. There was something liberating about observing the world around me, releasing those thoughts and in some deranged part of my head, publicly post about this safe space. Selfishly, I want to be allowed to show the small things. The almost missable things. It’s not even a “look closely and you’ll see the attention to detail” thing. It is as boring as there’s a hole in the wall. Let’s plaster it up. Let’s plaster the whole damn wall now because the texture is really pretty. 

It’s no where near finished. We still want to paint over the plaster because the pale mustard is not the most ideal choice. And eventually, we will hang up art on it. So really, this wall, the changes it’s going through wouldn’t even matter when it is undeniably just a background. So why am I thinking about it? Choosing to forgo sleep to write about it? 

Nothing but the fact that an afternoon sitting on the floor, dust particles infiltrating my brainwaves, my hands covered in plaster mix, is meditative and brings me so much peace. 

But, since we're at it, small little things that have changed. 

We now have a pegboard in the kitchen to hang equipment. After debating, we got the polypropylene closet cases because sometimes you just gotta Muji. Things are organised. How absolutely riveting. 


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