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Dearest reader,

I am taking a pause on updating about hard renovations and redirecting you to soft furnishings. It is after all what turns a house into a home. A while back, in thinking about how I wanted the rooms to look and feel, I chanced upon pojagi and fell in love completely. I am also in a “grids and checkered” state of mind, so you can only imagine my excitement. Despite various different proportions and shade, it still looks unified as a whole.

I am not good at explaining what I want sometimes. I think for every introvert, you’ll always find yourself in situations where you’re afraid to get started on conversations, let alone setting an idea in motion. So I simply sat down to draw. Pencil to paper because I am lost with technology and as a parent of a toddler, you just have these things around. Upon sketching, calculation of dimensions, digitising for better visualisation, then rearranging patterns again according to technique. Choosing colours, what goes, what doesn’t. We even bought sample cloth, being extra cautious that working with something smaller will allow for mistakes before we actually begin. After the first mock up, there was a thump in my heart. It looked so good. From there, we got started.

At the very core, we as people, also work best under limitations. So when it came to adjusting the length, we used clothes pegs. Alter from there. Realising that the only rings that fit the curtain rods are just ring binders. So we got them at the stationery section in a 100yen shop. And that’s how it happened. You make do with what you have, to get as close to what to want. The second the final curtains were up, these details don’t even matter And that’s what we aim to focus on. Larger pictures. Because if you start to pinpoint every single mistake, even the smallest thing, that tends to derail you from your mission.

What gets me emotional is seeing it before my eyes. It’s been an idea living in my head for about the past 3 months. After our fellow resident of dream, Berny, executed it to perfection, we stood back to admire it. The sunlight catches, the fabric begins to waltz and I can’t look away. Is that what this whole house will feel like? Being patient that our ideas for various corners in our head will become a reality eventually? So much of Pinterest pipe dreams don’t often turn out that way, but when they do, it feels pretty surreal to witness it all.


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