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Dear curious reader, 

The anxiety levels were off the charts. You see, for a type-a personality like mine, it’s very hard to reconcile that returning home means walking into a space that you have no idea what to expect. Will there be signs of pests activity? Did somehow something leak despite turning off the water mains? I find myself constantly repeating “it’ll get easier.” I think as life moves, the house progresses, moving back and forth will somehow feel like second nature and I’ll learn not worry about the conditions of our house. Like once we unlock the front door, the woodsy hinoki scent will seep into my skin, infiltrate every vein and my body moves on autopilot. 

Funny, that’s exactly how it happened. 

I thank my past winter self for preparing my current spring self. Enclosed are some notes I left behind, sort of like a “dear future me” thing, and what wonders it did to tamp my brain from going into overdrive. I no longer find myself disoriented. If there was something that I wasn’t sure about, there it was in writing. 

So we welcome you into SPRING 2024. The trees have grown back their leaves. I spied a fox strolling leisurely at our front yard. The mosquito coil is burning. Let’s see what this chapter brings. 


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