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Dearest reader,

Pardon me for I feel like I’m writing this from the grave. Suffice to say, it’s only been 3 full days since we’ve been here and we are absolutely knackered. It’s shuttling back and forth to places, not speaking the language, worrying about delivery services being able to find the house. I also mean this in the most endearing way, but having to also divide our attention for our child - we are hanging on by the thread.

Sean is shopping for supplies in the hardware shop, I am yelling every 5 seconds “Luna, no!” Shiny sharp tools are just about the most attractive thing to a toddler. While trying to communicate with service staff, she's whining to be carried. Or she just wanders off. Which would you rather? I have to admit, we are feeling so guilty she has to be dragged around by her parents. So if she wants to play with fake rocks, test out camping chairs, stand at the revolving fan, we let her. Anything short of putting things in her mouth, causing a ruckus or life threatening, she’s allowed.

I am however, proud to announce that we are getting shit done. In the span of 72 hours, we have shopped for bedding, tools, kitchen supplies, the previously stated appliances. Bug bombed the house. Placing mosquito coils all around for good measure. (I was a delightful meal for them the first day there.) Cleaned out 2 rooms, set up her play area, covered the loft with tarp, ordered air conditioning units for the entire place. Our days start at 6a.m. and by 7p.m, Luna is in bed and we are going through the next day’s plan.

While wiping out the tatami mats this morning, I wondered out loud, how much will get done this trip. There was an air of optimism. That’s a good sign.


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