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Dear reader,

We leave tomorrow. Contrary to the state of mind I thought we’d be in, we are alarmingly calm. Like leaving for Japan to live in and work on our home for the first time (and for 2 months at that) isn’t life changing. It’s easy to allow adrenaline to cloud your mind and actions, giving it permission to dictate how you pack, what you pack. We haven’t, so that amounts to 3 luggage, of which 2 are carry-on size. Have we been too naive?

Toilet update - turns out we are actually able to use the facilities despite the septic tank issues. It just isn’t the best for the long run, so we need to look at fixing it eventually. For now, we do have a urinal and working flush. Looking for toilet inserts/slots (?) isn’t something I thought we’d be up to in the last week, but that’s where we’re at. It was a roller coaster ride of emotions for Sean.

In case you’re wondering, we’ve booked an Airbnb nearby for the first week we’re there. Shuttling back and forth, we will use this time to enjoy the luxury of having an air conditioning unit, clean floors, lack of dust. When the week is up, we would hopefully, have a decent room for Luna to sleep in, her playpen, our mattresses, fridge, again, toilet insert/slot whatever you call it, washing machine, rice cooker, gas stove and microwave delivered. Everything else is a non-essential at this point.

Have I also mentioned that there are allies joining us this trip? The house, if you’ve taken a look at our gallery, is not in the best condition. And yet, there’s support to be around during the initial stages - what did we do to render such love? We’ve promised free meals and transportation from the main station, though I’m not sure if that covers our gratitude for you. So in between moments of chaos when I find some peace, I will try to come up with ways that can make this experience as delightful as possible.


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