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Dearest reader,

A whisper, a buzz, an excitement. We booked our tickets back and just like that, an influx of requests from friends of dreams. We have so many coming up in the new year, our heads are spinning. 

I find myself reminiscing. Despite only being two months, it feels like a lifetime. Wondering if perhaps it was just a mirage. Something that I conjured up in my head because refuge in this noisy world feels like it can only exist in my head. Then I look back at the pictures, the video, and I’m transported back. To a reality that feels like a dream. 

We just spent the past two days running errands, taking the time to analyse which part of the house will have our handprints all over next. We present to you, gutting of cabinetry, opening up the kitchen, retiling of the toilet. You know, just your basic home project. 


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