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Dear reader,

The countdown has begun. On my part, it’s been a week of adding things to the wish list, comparing prices of all things essentials across various sites, figuring out the sleeping arrangement for our toddler. Making the choice to start investing on the updated version of an appliance or furniture can be very thrilling if you’re in the right headspace.

On Sean’s part, the liaising is never ending. We still don’t speak the language well enough and don’t know enough about the backlog of work after taking time off for the obon festival. The fear of the uncertainty sets in and all we can try and do is remind ourselves that we are at an advantage where we can afford to enjoy the process and not rush it. For now, we are adjusting, and readjusting, configuring, scrapping the idea and adding elements to try and visualise what will be. It calls for creative imagination, idealistic thinking on my part, and managing expectations to what is actually feasible. Essentially, Pinterest versus reality. If looking at floor plans allow your imagination to run wild, I’ve attached where we’re at here. Again, everything and anything is subject to change.

Meanwhile, back in Okayama, we are still awaiting multiple things. Primarily, our septic tank requires repairing and we can’t get an accurate deadline on when this will be completed. That means renting a portaloo, which brings me right back to my production days when locations look good on camera, but not necessarily in reality. Then we are informed that the portaloo may not arrive on time by the time we’re there so you start to take into account how many times you might have to relieve yourself in these circumstances. So yes, purchasing a Showa era home and renovating it yourself - astonishing glamorous.

Alas, we are leaving for our new home in 9 days. Visiting ikea, nishimatsuya, komeri, nitori is on our list. Then comes setting up all the essentials that we are still crossing our fingers will arrive on time. Stay tuned.


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