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Dearest reader, 

Where do I even begin? It’s been a while, with us taking a break to head to Tokyo and Karuizawa then coming back again with welcoming new residents into here. The kitchen is moving along. Hopefully, it’ll really take shape after us getting back into the groove of things within the next couple of days. Our goal is to finish it before we leave, which is in about 2 weeks and a bit. Unrealistic? Ambitious? Naive? I sincerely hope not. It’s our biggest transformation yet. 

Meanwhile, let’s take an intermission shall we? If you’re new here, welcome. Since the article came out, we’ve had new inquiries, which makes what we’re doing a lot more exciting than it sounds. So, to talk about something else other than isle of dreams, this is about the environment we find ourselves in. After a bit of exploring. 

Okayama, the land of sunshine. And where agricultural produce roots from. It’s the season of strawberries, and what a treat it is to be able to experience how deliciously sweet they can be when you’re plucking it fresh. 

Punnets that cost practically a third, sometimes a fourth of the prices we’re used to. The kindness of people, allowing us to pick more than the allotted boxes allow so. A massive bowl of our loot for ¥1000, devoured by us in a day. 

A regular weekend activity, nothing special. But it was a really fun day. 


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