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Dearest reader,

When efficiency is an innate character trait, it’s not a button you can just switch off. Just ask anyone who has worked with us before. Within a day, Sean has built the carcass of our bar counter. The morning of the day we left for our 3 day trip to Nagoya, he begun to nail it down to the ground, anchoring the first major element of our living room. Besides our hinoki floor that you’d be able to smell the second you come in, which I can only describe as (and I don’t use this word often) - divine.

In true Sean and Ash fashion, we’ve changed our minds about the exterior of the bar counter constantly. The final look that sticks is often the one we decide at the very last second. Like how at the tile shop, we were trying to lock down colours and just as the supplier is writing down the item code, we make amends before his pen records the last two digits. So after the idea of creating a new counter top from cedar wood, it jumped to refurbishing the existing old coffee table tops, to finally realising we ordered more than enough tiles to cover the whole damn thing if we wanted to. That’s our approach in a nutshell. Completely trusting each others gut instinct. Even if it means that the gut instinct only comes after weeks of open ended discussions. They mostly go like this:

“How about a library here?”

“We still need a couch somewhere, how about here?”

“Wouldn’t it be cool to add a slide? Or a little step?”

“Does it take away from it being a library?”

“But it would be so cool though.”

“I’m about to secure it, you sure?”

“Okay let’s do it.”

(As it stands, we have scrapped the slide idea. But you get the gist)

An additional note, in being precious about the painstaking process of getting the hinoki floors in, calculating the patterns when our temporary residents of dreams were still here, laying them down, stapling them in - I am here to report that we already have a few scratches. As painful as the instant it happened, this is a home that will be housing a toddler. So we exhale because our stance is that “it’s okay, we want to be hard on the house.”

And so we will.


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