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first chapter (12.november.2023)

Dearest reader,

I tried to avoid documenting isle of dreams the way I’m used to.

My greatest love affair, the one with the media industry, is extremely personal.

I was hopelessly in love and because so, it resulted in the worst heartbreak to date.

Still, I couldn’t stay away.

When October came, there were bigger pockets of peace.

I allowed my eyes to rest on what was before me.

My head drifting along with those fleeting seconds.

The echo of a melancholy tune and I find myself reaching to record.

When Kin came, the arrival coincided with his album release.

We had a listening party and upon hearing this,

I was practically editing in my head.

Everything fell into place.

I just had to get it out.

So here’s the first chapter in my love language.

It doesn’t make sense to those who haven’t been here.

But so much to those who have.


(music credits: dialect // kin leonn)

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