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Dearest reader,

We got the wood for floors and walls. While waiting for them to acclimatise to the environment, they are sitting on the living room floor. So we’ve started to map out which room we should begin with. Remember, we are doing as much as we can by ourselves, so that’s bound to bring up inexperience, realising that everything needs to happen simultaneously if we want to be efficient about this. It’s why renovations have project managers, and teams with specific skills coming in on the same day or one after another in an organised fashion.

So this last week, we find ourselves constantly reminding one another that there is no set deadline for completion. Using that to ground us has started a train of release. If you know us and our background, what both of us have been through the pass 10 years in our career, we’ve done multiple stressful projects with shitty deadlines. We are now in an extremely fortunate place where this house doesn’t require one. So it’s about changing the channel in our heads. Re-engineering our approach. Things don’t magically happen in a second. We’ve always known that in theory but sometimes lack in applying it in our actions. Therefore, when we work as much as we can during the day, wake up the next morning and start to wonder why it isn’t moving along as fast as it feels like it should, we take a pause and say “it’s fine.”

Because it is.


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