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Dearest reader,

I have this compulsion to explain that our disappearance can only mean that we got caught up with life. However, I would also like to assume that if you are indeed reading this, you’ll pardon our lack of updates because this is a no pressure space. Either way, let me rewind and catch you up.

Our newest temporary residents ended up altering their plans and stayed with us longer than expected. We soaked it up. It makes me wonder how many more will pass through, and decide that it’s worth their time when they come into Japan. We don’t really offer any tours, advice or tips about the country. Or workshops or classes or proper hosting. What we’ve been doing is quite dreadfully ordinary. And yet, people have made the choice to come. Telling us on their last day, they didn’t want to leave. That the second they left, they’re already planning their next trip here. It fills my heart with so much warmth and gratitude.

I noticed that there’s been some new following on our social media front. If it is indeed you, hello and welcome. Why you’re here, I’ll never know. But the fact that you’ve taken an interest in us, I thank you so dearly. Especially if you don’t know us and have only heard about what we’re doing from a friend. Of a friend. Of a friend. The possible line of connection to us. Fair warning, don't always believe everything you hear. I'm not sure if it's as cool as it sounds. Regardless, if don’t already know us, our kid is called Luna.

So, with that information, let me take you to the grandest piece of work we’ve recently had the honour of having in our presence - the mural in her room. An unsubtle reference to her name, which I have entitled “over the luna wall”. Of course, if you’ve actually been on isle of dreams, the bewitching creatures are a nod to the foxes and wild boars we have been existing alongside. And that’s what I mean with all our temporary residents leaving their fingerprints everywhere. Sometimes you meet some people with extraordinary talent. It impacts you in such unexpected ways, you feel like you need to take a breath. Anna and her work had that effect on us. She drew this mural in a day and it is absolutely stunning. Exquisite. All the wonderful things. Sean wants the entire room to be covered in it and I couldn’t agree more.

Rounding up on the previous entry about the stone garden, Kin has taken control and transformed our grounds. It is still a work in progress, as with everything else we have been doing. A path that leads to nowhere, a steel house, glass cubes, gigantic rocks, a moss patch. Oh the adventure you can have in this configuration. Though if anyone knows him and the work he has done, it is without a doubt, a necessity to include that he has also installed a sound system in the house. We have since been able to welcome music in the way it should be appreciated within the space and I can’t imagine it otherwise anymore.

As I close this update, I do also feel some responsibility to announce that this is where we leave you. The end of the first chapter. We got too caught up with packing everything up that we missed the chance to document all the work that has been done. But that’s why we have this journal. It shall serve as a reminder that within the span of 2 months, we have done so much and the work is all here.

The second chapter, winter of 2023/24 in January awaits. We'll see you there.


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